Charm City Customer Choices

Taken from Flickr Creative Commons
Taken from Flickr Creative Commons

Since I work in Federal Hill, Baltimore at the Abbey Burger Bistro, I felt it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the restaurants that you can check out in the area.  This website started as an idea when I was working and my co-workers were discussing times when they had issues with a customer, even though they were clearly in the right.  Therefore, while those who post on the blog can write about any type of business, this website has beginnings in the food & service industry.

Here is a list, certainly not a complete one, and there corresponding Yelp scores (no particular order):

  • Mother’s Federal Hill Grille – 3.5
  • SoBo Cafe – 4.5
  • Blue Agave Restaurant – 3.5
  • Ryleigh’s Oyster – 3.5
  • The Abbey Burger Bistro – 4.0
  • HomeSlyce Federal Hill – 4.0
  • The Local Fry – 4.5
  • The Row House Grille – 3.5
  • Magerk’s Pub – 3.5
  • Liv2eat – 4.0
  • No Way Jose Cafe – 3.5
  • Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse – 4.0
  • Banditos Bar & Kitchen – 3.5
  • Brewers Cask –  4.0
  • Metropolitan Coffee house & Wine Bar – 4.0
  • Nobles Bar And Grille – 3.5

What are some of your favorite spots in places like Fells Point and Canton? Comment below, and share your stories.


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