About CISW

Taken from quotesgram.com

It’s a phrase that is heard repeatedly, regardless of industry one finds themselves in.  It is barked at by managers, and sarcastically whispered by fellow employees:  “The customer is always right.”  It’s been said that on tests that involve true or false questions, polarizing generalities like this are almost always false.  So does that include the preceding statement?

It has to be.  The customer-employee relationship is too complex for the equation ‘customer=right’ to always be true.  Sometimes they are wrong, and those moments of wrong-ness should be documented, not as a means to overly scrutinize their every action, but as a means to provide awareness that with every interaction that takes place at a restaurant, retail store, bank, or any other organization, there is a constant flow of give and take.

CISW’s mission is simple – to provide a platform in which people can air the many grievances employees all over the country experience on a daily basis in their line of work. 

In other words, this website relies on your collaboration and participation.  Speak of the time when the customer was rude, or insisted that his or her tab was incorrectly charged at the bar when it was not.  A blog of the latest news in food and the restaurant industry will be provided for you to explore as well.